Guest of Europe 1, Wednesday morning, Yvon Robert, the mayor PS of the city said it was too early to question the project to build an eco-district a kilometer from the site hit by a fire the last week.


The fire that occurred last week in a chemical plant Lubrizol, near Rouen, and whose health consequences are not yet all measured, calls into question the planned construction of an eco-district, whose first housing must see the day in 2021? "I do not take in 24 hours a decision to do or not to do," responded PS Mayor of the city, Yvon Robert, Wednesday morning on Europe 1.

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"Since we have been working on the Flaubert district (the eco-district that must be located one kilometer from the site, ed ), and we've been working on it for 30 years more and more deeply, there's already considerable work has been done and the question of security is constantly present in the reflection, "points Yvon Robert.

"The anxiety is not controlled"

"I will reflect with all colleagues, to analyze everything that has happened," continues the edile. "To say today that it's over, it would be a reaction that could satisfy all those who are worried ... but which also contributes to the anxiety," he believes, however, considering that the fears of some residents after the fire are "understandable". "The feelings of the people are extremely different, there are some for whom it is a day like the others, and there are some who are very struck." The anxiety is not controlled.