Engineer Adnan Al Rayyes, the ground station official at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, said that the station is conducting with the astronaut Hazza Al-Mansouri, aboard the International Space Station, two daily calls for 10 minutes each, to provide the station with two reports daily, on scientific tests and tasks. That has been implemented, in addition to feedback about difficulties and daily tasks, the remaining tasks are also reviewed.

He pointed out that the earth station at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center cooperates with all global agencies such as the Japanese space agency JAXA and the US space agency NASA and the Russian Space Agency, pointing out that astronaut Hazza Al-Mansouri is conducting special tests for those agencies.

He added: «work begins in the earth station from 8 am to 1 am, and we have a schedule since the beginning of the mission, including the work of scientific tests and daily activity», pointing out that their task is to communicate and receive information and distribution to other earth stations.

He pointed out that Hazza Al-Mansouri's program is different from the programs of other astronauts, as his scientific program is intensive with scientific tests, noting that the international space agencies confirmed the ambition of the UAE in a short trip takes eight days and completed 16 experiments for scientific tests.

Regarding the percentage of UAE Nationals among the employees of Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, he said that their percentage constitutes 42% of the crew, noting that the engineers of the earth station are very efficient, especially as they were sent to many international space agencies, and they were trained on how to manage special operations. Astronauts.

“The team has acquired the skills and experience necessary to manage the mission of the first Emirati astronaut, as well as how to deal with modern technologies, deal with astronauts, and communicate with the control centers of other international space agencies.”

On the most prominent challenges facing Hazza Al-Mansouri during the implementation of his experiments, Al-Rayes said: «On top of these challenges lack of gravity, and has a significant impact on astronauts».

He added: «The earth station received many photos and videos by the Emirati astronaut», indicating that he strives to document all the details of his trip at various times.