A 12-year-old Romanian boy was in very serious condition on Tuesday after falling to the ground from a first floor of the number 12 of Emilio Martin Encinas de Coslada street, which he allegedly entered to steal, according to 112 and the National Police.

The minor slipped when he slipped down the facade and after falling to the ground he hit the sidewalk floor. He was transferred by a UVI from Summa to the Niño Jesús Hospital. He has a traumatic brain injury and several fractures.

The boy is well known to the National Police and the Municipal Police, since despite his age he had committed several home robberies climbing the facades in the company of other boys.

The owners of the apartment reported to the National Police that someone entered the house and had taken some jewel . It is about finding out if the injured minor was carrying those items allegedly stolen from his home.

A witness explained that he saw the child on the ground after the fall about four meters from the place where he could slip. "An ambulance from Summa arrived immediately and at that time no one could imagine that it was stealing," he said.

Police sources confirmed that the boy does not reside on that farm and that he had been arrested several times for committing robberies, although being less than 14 years of age is imputable. Moreover, some agents had already baptized him as the Spiderman Child .

People close to the injured minor indicated that as a child he was locked up by his mother in the house so that he could not leave, so he escaped from home and became a specialist in climbing facades. "He is very skilled and many knew what he did but because he was so young, nothing could be done despite his mother scolding him," said another acquaintance in his neighborhood near the Plaza de la Constitución.

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