108 personalities call on President Emmanuel Macron to demand an emergency plan to save the hospital.

108 French personalities, associated with patient representatives, sign an open letter to Emmanuel Macron to demand an emergency plan to "save the hospital". A forum published this Wednesday by the Parisian.

Among the signatories are Charlotte Gainsbourg, Véronique Sanson, Vincent Lindon, Florence Foresti, Richard Bohringer, and Thomas Piketty, associated with around 40 patient representatives. They were all confronted to the hospital and called on the head of state to put in place an emergency plan.

"Used people"

Patrick Chêne is also a co-signer of the podium. Journalist, he has been hospitalized several times for cancer. "The hospital brought everything to me! I saw how much we could enjoy having the public hospital in France. I met people who are benevolent totality but we also see people worn, who leave the public service, "says the journalist.

"We will soon be lacking goodwill and kindness, which is why when you have a huge blow, you have both the expertise of the surgeon, of the teacher, but also the benevolence of the nursing staff. a lot to healing when you look after yourself as if you're the most important person in the world. "

"An untenable situation"

"The situation on the ground has become truly untenable: the difficulties of access to care are increasing, the quality and safety of care is deteriorating and we are observing the exhaustion and the anxiety of the hospital staff," write the signatories.

The personalities, who have been confronted with the hospital world, demand the opening of beds, the hiring of the "necessary staff", the revaluation of the wages of the personnel. "The public hospital needs reforms but also and especially means to ensure its missions in conditions acceptable to patients and caregivers," the letter concludes.