KUWAIT CITY - Early voting for the Federal National Council (FNC) began yesterday in nine polling stations across the emirates, with a high turnout of female citizens and senior citizens, who led the electoral scene in the first day of early voting, which continues until tomorrow.

Prior to the commencement of the voting, a central examination of the database of members of the electoral bodies was carried out to mark the start of voting nationwide, by the members of the counting committee, at 7:00 am at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), who entered the secret numbers through which the voting system was opened. In front of voters and candidates, and make sure that the databases of the electronic system free of any prior votes.

At 9:00 am, the system was opened to voters in the nine centers to cast their ballots until 6 pm, and the system will be reopened on the main electoral day (Saturday) for voters, for 12 hours (from 8 am to 8 pm). Voting ends, after which votes are counted and preliminary results announced.

The National Election Commission pointed out the possibility of the voter of the Electoral College vote from any emirate in any early voting center at the state level, without limiting only the emirate whose name is on the list of its electoral bodies, to facilitate voters from the electoral bodies, and to allow for wider participation in the elections. Early voting processes.

The Committee stressed that the Emirates Identity Card is the document approved in the early voting process, which is conducted in accordance with the electronic voting system, among the nine centers allocated to them and distributed to the regions of the country.

The Minister of Health and Community Protection, Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs and Chairman of the National Election Commission, Abdul Rahman Al Owais, said that the turnout of members of electoral bodies to early voting confirms the high national sense of voters, and their keenness to strengthen the gains of the State at various levels, especially on The level of activating the role of the Federal National Council and contributing to the improvement of parliamentary work in the UAE.

He said that the early voting came to give citizens members of the electoral bodies more time to participate in the electoral process and cast their votes to choose their representatives in the Federal National Council, who are able to raise topics and discuss issues that contribute to the advancement of all sectors of society and serve the UAE citizen.

The main electoral center of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi witnessed a significant influx of citizens and candidates to participate in the elections, about half an hour before the start of the voting process, which turned into a record turnout during the early hours of voting, while the Assistant Undersecretary for Federal National Council Affairs at the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs was a member. The National Election Committee, Dr. Saeed Al-Ghafli, was accompanied by the Chairman and members of the counting committee, the President of the Electoral Center in Abu Dhabi, and a number of media representatives to ensure that electronic voting machines are zeroed to ensure the integrity and transparency of the electoral process.

Al-Ghafli predicted that the three days of early voting will be well received by citizens who are eligible to vote, pointing out that the early voting system allows anyone with the right to vote to vote, provided that he does not try to vote again on the main election day (October 5), because This will be recorded as an electoral offense that invalidates the voter's vote and holds him accountable.

The voter Saeed Rashid Al-Amri, a private sector employee, said he used his weekly rest day to vote, especially as he would attend on Saturday, and then his working conditions would have prevented him from performing his electoral duty.

"This is the second time I have voted, but this year is very different from the pre-2011 elections in terms of technical preparations and media focus," he said.

The voter Hussein Mohammed Al Rahma, director of a company, attributed the reasons for his participation in the early voting that the working conditions on Saturday will not allow him to participate, explaining that he gave his vote to a candidate after convinced the sincerity and realism of his election program.

Hamda al-Muhairi, a housewife, said that the number of voting days is one of the main achievements of the National Assembly elections this year, because it gave a good opportunity to be informed about the election process and the careful selection of who represents the voters in the Council.

In turn, the candidate for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Hawa Al-Mansouri, expressed her happiness with the arrival of voters to vote, stressing that she cast her vote in the early voting, calling on the masses of voters to meet the call of electoral duty, to choose who represents them in parliament.

This was agreed by the candidate, Dr. Huda Matroushi, who said that she could not wait to vote on Saturday, stressing that the elections this year are characterized by many positive things that are difficult to count.

Voter Mohammed Sultan Al-Mansouri, who is motivated, stressed that he was keen to go early to the electoral center in Abu Dhabi, to cast his vote and choose his representative, stressing that his country deserves not to tolerate any citizen in the performance of his duties and political entitlements.

Inspecting the progress of the electoral process at the main electoral center in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, member of the National Election Commission, praised the President of the Election Management Committee, Tarek Hilal Lootah, the magnitude of voter turnout during the first day of early voting. She uncovered many reasons that may prevent citizens from casting their vote against his will, including sudden travel at the time of elections, work-related obligations, or family circumstances and associations. Ahh with the participation of these likely voters are unable to vote in the election on the president, known as the last day.

Lootah told the UAE Today that the National Committee seeks through early voting to provide more electoral flexibility, and facilitate the voters, and take into account any developments or circumstances that prevent the performance of their national electoral duty, through the multiplicity of opportunities and times to cast their votes », pointing out that This measure also aims to ensure increased voter turnout and reduce polling stations on election day.

In Dubai, the voting center in the emirate of Dubai witnessed a good attendance by the voters, immediately after the opening of the ballot, and the voters praised the organization and the multiplicity of devices dedicated to the casting of voters, and therefore the time it takes for the voter from entering the committee to cast his vote does not exceed two minutes.

Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chief of Police and Public Security in Dubai, cast his vote at the Dubai World Trade Center voting committee in the first minutes of the first day of early voting. He stressed that the voting process took only seconds, praising the good organization of the voting hall, and the use of technology and multiple devices used.

Ahmed bin Humaidan, chairman of the Dubai Federal Election Commission, said that the voting process was easy for all voters according to an organizational process carried out by youth and volunteers, which included answering all the voters' questions related to the voting procedures, assisting the elderly and the people who are motivated to vote. Perform their national duty to participate in voting and nominate the best representative of them objectively.

He explained that when the voter arrives begins to know the way of voting and then identify the identity of the voter and then cast his vote, pointing out that the Commission did not notice anything impeding the process of voting.

Hamad Juma Al Suwaidi, head of the electoral center at the World Trade Center in Dubai, said that the center opened its doors to voters at 9:00 am and witnessed a huge turnout since the first hour, adding that the center has 60 volunteers and volunteers from 7 am.

He stressed that the first day of early voting did not see any observations either from voters or candidates, and all logistics were available. For his part, Director General of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, Eng. Jamila al-Fandi, said that the period of time it takes the voter from entering the committee until his exit after casting his vote does not take more than two minutes. "The member of the council must be transparent, responsible, courteous and charismatic," said Mane Al-Suwaidi, after casting his vote.

In Sharjah, voters fought in front of the center located in the Sharjah Chess Club, half an hour before voting began to cast their votes, amid the great interaction of the categories of senior citizens and people of determination and youth and an exceptional presence of women.

The Chairman of the Sharjah Election Center, Dr. Ahmed Al Zarouni, said that the first day of voting witnessed a large turnout of voters, noting that the Commission was keen to apply the highest standards of integrity and transparency in the electoral process by providing trained and qualified cadres of both sexes, and provide all the necessary needs to help voters to be able to vote The electronic voting is convenient and confidential.

He stressed that the voting time did not take more than five minutes at the maximum time for the voter, and the majority of voters finished the process of casting their ballots in less than three minutes.

He pointed out that the center provided parking for the people of determination, and provided cars to get senior citizens and women to and from their cars, noting that the identity of those who want to vote to prove their loss by bringing notice of loss, in addition to his passport so that he can vote.

A number of senior citizens, Said Sha'ban (77 years), Khadija Mohammed (67 years) and Ali Karbi (65 years) said that their participation in the elections is a national duty and responsibility towards the homeland, pointing out that they preferred to participate in the early days of early voting because they are not crowded.

Ahmed Khalaf explained that the voting stage he went through did not exceed the minute, as he noted the great interest of the Commission in all the electorate, noting that the staff provided him with all the services he needed to vote.

She confirmed that she came to the center to vote despite the surgery, noting that through her participation contributes to the success of the electoral process, which is a national duty of every citizen able to vote and come to the polling station.

Salwa Al-Ali, Ibtisam Mohammed and Rania Ahmed confirmed that the voting went through easily and did not find any difficulty in it, and all the data are clear, praising the distinguished organization of the Committee. Among the young voters, Mohammed Al Ali, Obaid Al Zaabi and Ahmed Al Ketbi, they participated in the vote out of national responsibility and patriotism, pointing out that they were able to complete the vote in less than three minutes.

They said that they voted for the candidate who they felt would represent them and have ideas that promote youth, pointing out that many of the electoral programs were traditional and there are no creative ideas in line with the developments of modern times.

In Ajman, the FNC has witnessed a high turnout since the center opened at 9:00 am, as large numbers of voters from different age groups came to vote, while the Ajman Committee launched special initiatives by distributing roses to voters and providing a special corner for people of determination. .

The head of the Ajman Election Center, Abdullah Salem, said the first day of voting actually started at 9 am to receive voters who had flocked significantly, noting that voter numbers began to decline over time.

He added that things went the first day as required, indicating that the committee launched an initiative by providing a special corner to clarify the mechanism of voting for the people of concern in sign language.

He pointed to the wide participation of people of determination and senior citizens in the early voting process, as some participants reached the age of more than seventy years, pointing out the existence of all the services needed by all groups, in addition to dealing with two people who have no name on the electoral list . Voters praised the organization of the electoral process, noting that the voting time does not exceed three minutes, and that the turnout indicates the success of the national wedding since its inception.

In Umm Al Quwain, the first day of early voting in the electoral center in Al Ittihad Hall witnessed the turnout of citizens from the electoral bodies to cast their votes and choose their candidates in the emirate, which numbered 19 candidates. Voters of all categories, young people, senior citizens and people of determination, were keen to participate and vote effectively, and the presence and participation of women was remarkable.

The head of the electoral center at the Union Hall in Umm Al Quwain, Ismail Al Hashem Mohammed Al Balushi, said that the voting process started on time and proceeded as planned, and voters completed their procedures easily and easily, and the Commission did not face any problems.

He said that the President of the Electoral Center and members of the supervisory committee supervised the help of the people of concern and senior citizens to vote for their candidates who chose them through the screen showing pictures and names of candidates and their electoral numbers, and facilitate the matter quickly and in a record time.

In Ras Al Khaimah, the Expo Center witnessed the turnout of members of the electoral bodies to cast their ballots.

The head of Ras Al Khaimah Election Commission, Abdulrahman Al-Shaer, pointed out that the number of voters was large and unexpected, explaining that the female element was effective and exceptional on the first day, and that voters of all ages participated in the election wedding from young people to senior citizens. The committee provided wheelchairs and volunteers to help them reach the voting machine to select their candidates.

He explained that the process of voting did not take more than a minute and a half for the voter who has previous experience in electoral participation, while the process took two minutes for the voter who is participating for the first time.

Ghobash votes without «identity»

The former Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Saqr Ghobash, was keen to cast his vote in the early voting in the electoral center in Abu Dhabi, using the «Barcode», for not possessing the identity card during the ballot, and thanked the National Elections Commission for the development of alternatives and exceptions that would facilitate the citizens in the eligibility Electoral. He said: «can not hesitate any citizen who has the opportunity to participate in this election wedding to be part of it, especially since the voting procedures are very simple and easy».

NBK Secretary General votes early

The Secretary General of the Federal National Council, Ahmed bin Shabib Al Dhaheri, was keen to cast his vote on the first day of early voting, after inspecting the progress of the electoral process in the electoral center of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Al Dhaheri told Emirates Today that early voting is conducted electronically in the nine polling stations, noting that electronic voting takes only a few minutes from the voter to fulfill his duty and entitlement.

A candidate takes her baby to «vote»

The candidate for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Ghaya Almasi, was keen to come to the main electoral center in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, early, to participate in the electoral process, taking her baby, which she had set a few days ago, to participate in the voting. She said: «I managed to share my child these wonderful moments, to be a good owl in this election wedding», praised the speed and ease of voting procedures, and good and professional reception staff and volunteers in dealing with voters.

Elderly insists on election

An escort to a senior citizen, Fatima Ali, said in Ajman that her mother insisted on participating in the elections, for her love in the UAE, noting that the committee provided her with all the needs until she reached the polling station, such as a wheelchair, reception, detailed explanation and hospitality, pointing out that this The organization contributes to the success of the electoral process.