For over a year, Dan Mella has worked with the project under the auspices of the tourism organization Kiruna-Lapland and it is about getting more companies to invest in angling tourism.

He predicts that pike fishing will be what the companies will really put through.

- Up here often sees the pike as a junk fish and I myself have belonged to that category. But I have radically changed my mind, It attacks the fly at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour with 700 teeth. It's the number one predator, he says.

Want to change the direction of the fishing tourism companies

According to Dan Mella, sport fishing on pike is trading ten times more than sport fishing on trout, char and grayling do together in Europe. It is this insight that makes him want to change the direction of many fishing tourism companies.

The anglers who come to the Kiruna area today come from Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries. They are picked up at the airport or train station and next spend only the money on the helicopter ride out into the mountain world.

The project is about getting tourists from central and southern Europe who are ready to pay well for an overall experience. Above all, they want guides with them, which according to Dan Mella is the norm in the rest of Europe.

- We have the knowledge and we have water, it's a good combination for getting Italians, French, Belgians and Dutch, he says,

And sure enough.

Just check out the clip above.