Violence against Japanese women in South Korea indicted a man in his thirties for crimes such as injury, September 30 20:10

Last month, in Seoul, South Korea, a Japanese woman who was on a sightseeing trip was violent by a Korean man, and the local prosecutor charged him for crimes such as injury on the 30th.

On the 23rd of last month, a Japanese woman who was visiting the city near Hongdae Station, a busy Seoul street with restaurants and clothing stores and popular among young people, was violent by Korean men in their 30s. There was an incident that was shaken.

In this case, the prosecutor announced on the 30th that he indicted a man in his 30s for injuries and insults.

According to the prosecution, the man injured the Japanese woman and injured him for 2 weeks by voting on the ground and kicking the woman's face with his knees. The Korean media reported that a man called “Let's play together” to a woman at the time, but violent because he was ignored by the woman.

Concerning incidents that occurred while the relations between Japan and South Korea deteriorated, there were a series of opinions blaming on the Internet, such as "Absurd cases when Japan-Korea relations are difficult" or "Apologize to Japan for embarrassing incidents" , Was also widely reported in the media.