Asma Bakouche-Tunisia

Candidate for the second round of Tunisia's presidential election, Kais Said, said that he is the biggest loser from the survival of his rival Nabil Karoui in prison, stressing that the law is the decisive in this case.

In an exclusive statement to Al Jazeera Net, a professor of constitutional law that he pays the price of unequal opportunities in the competition for the Carthage chair, because of the continued imprisonment of the villager accused of tax evasion and money laundering.

He called for an end to the accusation in the media of unequal opportunities in the election campaign, stressing that he is not responsible for this strange situation, and that the crisis must be considered from an objective point of view.

Said, who led the first round of the presidencies, he met today with the President of the Independent High Electoral Commission Nabil Bfon, and expressed his moral commitment before the legal completion of the electoral process and the democratic process.

Regarding the possibility of challenging Nabil Karoui in the results of the second round if he remains in prison, Said said that these issues can only be dealt with within the framework of the law, saying that the process is continuing and everyone must assume his full responsibilities, and that Tunisia is living a path that can not be beaten.

It is noteworthy that the judiciary is considering on Wednesday in the request for the release of the villager, note that the date of the second round of the presidential election has not yet been officially set, but sources confirmed to Al Jazeera Net that the Election Commission will announce the official date tomorrow or after, and will be - according to these sources - on 13 From next month.