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Lyon without sharing. The LOU is now the only team in the Top 14 to have won all its matches, thanks to the draw of Bordeaux-Bègles in Montpellier before the match at the top between the two teams.

Lyon five out of five

Unstoppable. Lyon continued their momentum Saturday beating the Racing 92 (31-20) unhindered in Nanterre.

That Lyon has waited for the fifth day to cash its first two tests against four against Racing- says a lot about the supremacy of men Pierre Mignoni.

The LOU takes full advantage of the World Cup that deprives most "big" of their international, like the Racing, penultimate who can even be overtaken by the French Stadium Sunday.

Lyonnais can arrive without fear at the next game, at the top, against their - also unexpected - Dauphin Bordeaux-Bègles.

Bordeaux hold, Jalibert cracks

For Bordeaux-Bègles, the pill will be difficult to swallow. Not only the UBB misses five out of five, with a draw 17-17 in Montpellier, but it has mostly lost Sunday his nugget Matthieu Jalibert.

The opener and top scorer in the championship until then relapsed by injuring his wrist just before half-time. Worrying for the one whose year 2018 had already been poisoned by repeated injuries.

Also worrying about a week away from the leader Lyon. Especially since the Union has made too many mistakes and mistakes for a team aspiring to take the lead in the Top 14.

In the Montpellier fortress where the MHR is undefeated since February, UBB scored one more try but conceded too many penalties and suffered two temporary exclusions.

"Today, there was plenty of room to win," lamented Bordeaux midfielder Yann Lesgourgues, referring to moments when "we did a little bit of anything individually".

Toulouse and Castres wake up

The king's return ? Stade Toulousain finally woke up, without success but taking the 4 points Saturday against Pau (24-23).

The defending champions, who beat Pau by just one point (24-23), may have begun to get out of the rut of the World Cup and his lot of "doubles" with this second victory in five matches .

Their rugby was not irreproachable, but the victory prevents them at least from sinking into the crisis and the ranking (10th).

Same fate for Castres, saved by his opener. Julien Dumora was in the oven and the mill, passing six kicks and scoring a try for the victory -metric- of his side against Agen (30-27).

The Pau division, with a defensive bonus point brought back from Toulouse, is in third place, tied with Bayonne, who won against La Rochelle (23-22) despite the exclusion of Census Johnston

Toulon hold

The big thing for this day will be forgotten is Toulon. The RCT was drastically beaten at the promoted Brive (39-17). The Corréziens were worn by their goalscorer Thomas Laranjeira.

And maybe Clermont? The Jaunards, who remain on two defeats of rank against Brive and Pau, close the day Sunday in Paris against Stade Français.

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