1. Record the first video tour of the International Space Station in Arabic, explaining the components of the station and the devices and equipment on board, as well as an overview of the daily lives of astronauts aboard the station.

2 - Read a children's story entitled «Amal and Khalifa», which revolves around two children travel to space and explore the International Space Station and the planet Mars and the moon, before returning to their home in the UAE.

3. Connect with the ground station at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center in Dubai, where he spoke with the ground team about his daily schedule, and spoke to the center again at the end of the day.

4. The Center organized a video conference between Al Mansouri and a number of school students and the public at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center in Dubai, where participants had the opportunity to ask questions.

5. Conducted a scientific experiment to study fluid dynamics in space, in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA), as well as another study to study the adaptation of objects to virtually zero gravity and the impact of space survival on humans.

6 - Presentation of selected drawings from the Send To Space initiative, launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, prior to the start of the mission, to the winners Aisha Salem, Al-Jood Mohammed, Anas Khalid, Amna Al-Muhairi, Michel Faraz, Sheikha Al-Ketbi, Shamsa Al-Naqbi, and Yasmin Shutri. Mariam Al Hammadi, Fatima Al Neyadi, Ghalia Al Ahli, and Reem Al Neyadi.

7. Conducted an experiment to study the mechanisms of action and the efficiency of countermeasures against disturbances in the astronaut's kinetic activity in spaceflight conditions by obtaining data on the physiological, electrical and biological energy of the astronaut's physical activities.

8 - He initiated a number of experiments he carried with him from the schools of the UAE within the initiative «Science in Space» launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center.

9. He spoke with Dr. Hanan Al-Suwaidi, an astronaut doctor who has been following his health since he was in isolation at the Baikonur space station in Kazakhstan.

10. Hazza recorded his diary for 15 minutes to document his life aboard the International Space Station.