• Spanish company. The AVE to Mecca begins to serve passengers but at a maximum of 200 kilometers per hour
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The authorities try to control a fire that has been unleashed in the Saudi station of Jeddah, one of which is integrated in the AVE line to Mecca. At the moment, five wounded have been reported, as reported by the authorities.

The emirate of Mecca announced on Twitter that the fire and rescue teams of the Saudi Civil Defense work in the work of extinguishing the fire, which according to the first signs originated on the roof of the station. The fire has caused a dense column of smoke.

A source from the Consortium of companies that developed and operates the high-speed line told Efe that the Jeddah station is integrated into the commercial operation but is not directly managed by the Consortium.

The high-speed train covers the 450 kilometers that separate the cities of Mecca and Medina, the two sacred cities for Muslims.

The AVE to Mecca is the most ambitious and highest value contract achieved by Spanish companies outside Spain and was awarded in 2011 for a total of 6,736 million euros, although for the adjustments in the project the cost already exceeds 7,000 million.

The works of the Spanish consortium began in 2012 and included the design , construction of the track and systems, the supply of 35 commercial trains and one of luxury for the king, in addition to the operation and maintenance of the railway for 12 years.

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