Waking up in the middle of the night is common, but frequent occurrence can become a problem and seriously affect our comfort.You certainly have opened your eyes more than once at this time of night and spent time looking at the ceiling without knowing the cause, possibly because of noise or because you feel Worried.

According to Dr. José Colon, "waking up four or six times a night is normal. Moreover, this habit belongs to our ancestors who lived in caves and wake up several times a night to make sure From the lack of any danger surrounding them, then go to sleep again. "

Most of the time you should be able to go back to sleep again, but if you can't, you should follow some useful solutions.

going to the bathroom
Many people wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and if it happens to you frequently, three or four times a night, especially if you do not drink large amounts of water, this is likely to indicate a serious problem.

In order to sleep in such a situation it is recommended to drink a small glass of water before going to sleep about 30 minutes with a little untreated sea salt.

When we consume a large amount of water that does not contain enough salt, the body will try to get rid of it, but when mixing between the two components will keep the body water and you do not have to wake up at night.

Room temperature
According to the National Sleep Foundation, "room temperature can be a reason to wake you up at night, so ideal bedroom temperatures should be between 15 and 22 degrees Celsius, with light clothing, and although the feeling of heat varies from person to person depending on sex, Women often get rid of heat more than men, especially at the limb level. "

In addition, the exposure of the eyes to illuminated screens during the night prevents the body from producing sleep hormone "melatonin", so it is better to dimming the room lights and avoid the use of these devices during the last hours before going to sleep.

Progressive relaxation helps you sleep without disorders (networking sites)

Anxiety and stress often hinder relaxation and deprive us of a good night's sleep, because stress activates parts of the brain associated with attention and excitement that can cause a vicious cycle of stress-related insomnia, a 2012 study published in the journal Biology said. In this case, it is advised to try meditation and relax gradually, as this method has proven to be some effective for the treatment of recurrent sleep disorders due to stress.

Belly fat
If you are overweight, your body makes more effort to breathe when lying down, as well as high levels of inflammation in the body that disrupt the nerve pathways that control sleep, which may be the cause of these problems in sleep.

According to studies, this causes a vicious cycle, because lack of sleep or lack of it leads to overeating the next day.

It is recommended to drink a small glass of water before going to sleep to reduce frequent waking (Getty Images)

Vitamin D deficiency"
The lack of vitamin D not only increases the feeling of excessive sleepiness during the day, but also causes insomnia problems at night, but the good news is that the body produces this vitamin once exposed to sunlight.

In the winter, after a previous analysis, doctors recommend eating eggs, fatty fish or orange juice, and possibly increasing magnesium consumption before bed.

Therefore, a doctor's visit is very necessary in case of frequent waking moments at night, as they may be associated with other problems that can range from sleep apnea, thyroid and possibly depression.