• Investigation: Magrudis has sold shredded meat contaminated by Listeria since December 2018
  • Without bail.The judge sends the manager of Magrudis and his son and testaferro to prison for the deadly outbreak of listeriosis
  • Irregularities: The entrepreneurial tangle behind contaminated shredded meat: frontmen, clandestine companies and very few papers
  • Operation Monocy. Five arrested in Seville linked to the Magrudis company for the listeriosis outbreak

José Antonio Marín Ponce, the "de facto administrator" of the Magrudis company and the main one accused of the listeriosis outbreak caused by the meat that he manufactured and sold, has nothing . Neither property, nor bank accounts nor, much less, shares of the companies it managed. At least legally.

The Civil Guard investigators who take the case and who arrested him, along with his children, his sister-in-law and an employee last Tuesday, have tracked Marin's estate and the result is that there is no result.

According to the agents' inquiries, the companies that he managed, Magrudis and Elaborados Cárnicos Mario SLU, were not officially his, nor was the villa in the Dos Hermanas urbanization (Seville) in which the family or the registration vehicle resides range I used. Nothing is in his name.

Although he is not the only one, since neither his wife , Encarnación Rodríguez, nor his children, Sandro and Mario, have properties in his name, the same as companies.

Judge Pilar Ordóñez has ordered the blockade of up to eleven bank accounts linked to the Magrudis company and the Marín family, its owner, in the framework of the investigation that is kept open by the listeriosis outbreak that has caused three deaths, seven abortions and 217 affected - in the last days a new case has been added - and for which he keeps prisoner the manager, José Antonio Marín, and his son, Sandro Marín Rodríguez, while the youngest son, Mario, released him with charges.

The holder of the Court of Instruction 10 of Seville has blocked the balance of five bank accounts that Sandro Marín owns, another two in the name of his brother Mario, two from the company Magrudis SLU and two from Elaborados Cárnicos Mario SLU, the society of which the one who is the sole administrator is the minor of the children and whose existence the Civil Guard recently discovered. In addition, the magistrate has ordered the intervention of six vehicles - a van and four passenger cars registered in the name of Magrudis and a tourism owned by Sandro Marín - also linked to what the Central Operating Environment Unit (Ucoma) qualifies as "organized plot "which put contaminated meat on the market knowing the risk to its consumers.

Economic responsibilities

The blocking of the accounts aims, as explained by the Facua association - which exercises the particular accusation -, to ensure the possible economic responsibilities that may arise from the actions of the accused, who hid the existence of contamination by Listeria in their products After learning about it last February. They also knew then, as has been proven thanks to telephone punctures, that their shredded meat was causing cases of listeriosis at least in the province of Huelva, although they did not take any action.

There is the circumstance that the civil liability insurance that Magrudis has contracted with the company Axa, and that is the one that would have to respond, only reaches 300,000 euros, a ridiculous figure when compared with the damages and costs that it has generated The health outbreak. Only the medical care provided in the Sevillian hospitals Virgen del Rocío and Virgen Macarena is an invoice of 800,000 euros.

The order of Judge Ordóñez, which is dated September 23, not only includes bank accounts, but also deposits, securities, securities, shares, public debt, contents of safe deposit boxes, jewelry or other pledged assets or financial assets of those who are the owners of the investigation, specifically the two Marín Rodríguez brothers, for legal purposes the owners of the company.

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