Landings at Torre Salsa, repertoire 2016 (Ansa)


31 January 2018 Interpol released a list of 50 suspected militants of the Islamic State who were to arrive in Italy landing on the coasts of Sicily. All are of Tunisian nationality. The British newspaper 'Guardian', which had exclusive access to Interpol sources, writes this. The list, which details the name, surname and date of birth of the alleged jihadists, according to the newspaper was transmitted on November 29 last year to the Ministry of the Interior and to the main European anti-terrorism and intelligence agencies.

All 50 Tunisians are listed as affiliated with ISIS. Four of the names appearing on the list are already known to European security services. One of these could have crossed the Italian-French border to reach Gard, center in the French region of Occitania.

The alleged jihadists, according to the 'Guardian', would have landed in Sicily between July and October of 2017, without being intercepted. They would have come with those 'phantom landings' on the coast of Agrigento, in the Torre Salsa area, where traces of sea arrivals, such as clothes and even Tunisian identity documents, were repeatedly found last summer.

Department Ps: no feedback on the alleged landings of jihadists
The notitia spread by the Guardian is however denied by the Italian police authorities. "The information of 50 foreign fighters landed on the Italian coasts belonging to ISIS and ready to carry out attacks," the Public Security Department specifies. "Within the framework of a consolidated, constant and prolific relationship of collaboration and exchange of information between the Italian and Tunisian authorities," the PS Department continues, "the latter have reported over time to our country the probable entry into Italy of members to alleged fundamentalist groups. The fruitful relationship of international police cooperation between the two states made it possible to trace a small number of reported persons who, following the required identification procedures, were immediately repatriated ".

The attention is however maximum
"Obviously it is the maximum attention to all those who illegally reach our territory and the immediate expulsion of some reported subjects is an incontrovertible confirmation", continues the Department of Ps which reminds us, thanks to the collaboration with the Tunisian authorities, twice per week collective returns are made to that country.