Egyptian artist and contractor Mohamed Ali said that the world is waiting for the Egyptian people to come down to decide the departure of the current President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.

This comes at a time when demonstrations took place in some Egyptian cities in response to Mohamed Ali's call to demonstrate under the title "Friday of salvation" to demand that Sisi step down or the army to isolate him.

In his latest video on Friday afternoon, Mohamed Ali cited statements by US officials and members of Congress issued in the past hours calling on the Egyptian government to respect the right to peaceful protest.

"We support the right of the Egyptian people to demonstrate peacefully," said Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Al-Jazeera. "We must support peaceful demonstrations and hope that the Egyptian government will respect the rights of its citizens."

Senator Chris Murphy said: "We expect to allow demonstrations in Egypt and we will hold the regime accountable if it responds with force and arbitrary arrests," adding that we saw what Sisi did last week to imprison hundreds of dissidents and hide many.

Mohamed Ali showed a video of the arrival of Sisi in Cairo this morning, saying that Sisi appeared afraid of the demonstrations, and pointed out that the Egyptian authorities mobilized some of the citizens of employees in government interests.

Mohamed Ali said that Sisi is afraid of the people, and reminded him of his oath and his repeated promise to leave if the Egyptians came down and demanded his departure, calling for the opening of streets and squares to the demonstrators to express their opinion.