• Casamonica: maxi seizure of assets for 1.5 million euros. 2 arrests
  • Blitz of the carabinieri in Ostia: 42 arrests and seizure of assets for 2 million


01 July 2019Selected by the military of the Gico of the Guardia di Finanza assets and businesses for 63 million euros against entrepreneurs of Gela who do business with the sale of luxury cars and in the real estate sector. The operation was coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Caltanissetta.

As part of the operation, 7 precautionary orders were carried out, of which 3 in prison and 4 which apply the measure of the prohibition of residence. The recipients of the precautionary measure in prison are held liable, in various capacities, for external competition in mafia association, money laundering and competition in corruption, to have, over the years, recycled illicit capital of the Rinzivillo clan.

A police officer who would have facilitated the suspects is also involved in the investigation.
At the same time, the military is carrying out a decree of preventive seizure, in Gela and Ragusa, of companies, financial resources, properties and assets attributable to the suspects.

Other seizures for 3 million euros
In another operation, the Caltanissetta Dia seized assets worth three million euros from entrepreneur Alberto Cammarata, 50, of Gela, considered by investigators, "adjacent to Cosa Nostra and, in particular, to the Gelese family headed by Giuseppe 'Piddu' Madonia ". The provision was issued by the Court of Cassation and concerns assets that had been seized in 2014. In particular, there are four companies based in Gela, 47 buildings including buildings, land and numerous bank accounts.