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Jacques Chirac during his speech to the nation on March 11, 2007 where he announced that he will not be in the 2007 presidential election. AFP Photos / POOL / Patrick Kovarik

Former French President Jacques Chirac died on Thursday, September 26, 2019 in Paris. During these years of exercises at the head of the state and even before, it has been illustrated by speeches and reactions now become famous.

I would do everything to ensure that an impartial State fully fulfills its missions of sovereignty and solidarity and is for the citizens the guarantor of their rights and the protector of their liberties.

The investiture speech of Jacques Chirac on May 17, 1995 9/26/2019 - by RFI Play

This Europe where France would be stuck like in a swamp, I say with calmness and determination: this Europe, we will never accept it!

In 1979, a speech by Jacques Chirac on Europe 26/09/2019 Listen

These black hours forever defile our history.

In 1995, Jacques Chirac returns on the raid of Vel 'd'Hiv' 26/09/2019 Play

What is still a problem? I'm getting tired of it! What do you want? Me to go back to my plane?

In 1996, Jacques Chirac is angry with the Israeli security service in Jerusalem: "Please you stop now" 26/09/2019 Play

Your presence testifies to the exceptional relationship between France and Africa. It touches me all the more because I have long woven personal relationships with many of you. And you know, I love and I respect Africa

Jacques Chirac in 2007: "I love and respect Africa" ​​26/09/2019 Listen

At the end of the mandate that you entrusted to me, the time will come for me to serve you differently.

In 2007, Jacques Chirac talks about the end of his second term 26/09/2019 Listen