The contractor and actor Mohamed Ali appeared in a new video in which he called on Egyptians to go out in mass demonstrations after Friday prayers to demand the departure of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.

Ali said in a video broadcast on Thursday evening from his place of residence in Spain, that Egyptian Defense Minister General Mohamed Zaki should get rid of Sisi and his son Mahmoud in response to the demands of the people.

He urged the Egyptians to leave the mosques after praying to demonstrate against Sisi in what he called "Friday of salvation," and called on them not to clash with security forces.

The Egyptian contractor recommended the demonstrators to start from the sub-streets and dialogues in marches to the streets and large streets.

He said that Tahrir Square (central Cairo) is not the only target of this movement, and should not be symbolic of the success of this day, "All fields of Egypt are the fields of Tahrir."

Ali also denounced the campaign of arrests carried out by the authorities in Egypt, and said that Sisi had previously sworn that if the people go out against him will leave power, but now arrests those who want to demonstrate.