Thursday, at the microphone of France Inter, the old keeper of the seals Christiane Taubira did not exclude to be candidate for the presidency of the Republic in 2022.

Interviewed insistently on France Inter on a possible candidacy, Christiane Taubira finally let go: "If it emerges that it's up to me to hold the rudder, to take the reins, to bend my intellectual muscles, emotional and to keep things moving forward together ... [...] It's a responsibility I do not dream of because I would have less time to read the night, but there you go. "

"Yes, I will be there if we have to fight, because I am very worried about the state of our societies, of the world," added the former keeper of the seals. While tempering: "Do not summarize that by saying that I will be a candidate in the next presidential election, that's not what I say because it's not what I think."

The world needs the ideals of the left

"I do not have a messianic vision of politics and I do not believe in women, in men," she explained, insisting that "the political fight is a collective fight". According to her, "the left will inevitably come back for the simple reason that it is a necessity, the world needs the ideals of the left", including the "ambition of equality".

"The left has more than ever need Christiane Taubira to rise from the ashes," reacted on Twitter Raphael Glucksmann, former head of list PS / Place public European last May.

A candidate for the Radical Party of the Left (PRG) in the 2002 presidential election, Christiane Taubira won 2.32% of the vote.