Continuing the wave of protests in Egypt against President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, activists launched social networking sites and the name of the title (#Intithe_Assisi), against the backdrop of the millions of demonstrations called by actor and contractor Mohamed Ali on Friday.

Tens of thousands of tweeters took part in the tag that took the top of social networking sites in Egypt, in support of Mohamed Ali's call for Sisi to step down, or for the army to intervene to isolate him.

Fearful of tomorrow's protests, which Mohamed Ali called a "people's revolution," Egypt is witnessing a major state of security alert. Security forces have launched a massive campaign of arrests of politicians and activists. .

#Ant_Anheit_Yasisi .. The latest tags of the protest tops Twitter in #Egypt

- Al Jazeera (@AJArabic) September 26, 2019

The pioneers of social networking sites hoped that the demonstrations of tomorrow will contribute to the departure of Sisi, stressing the inability of Egyptians to bear what they called failed policies, especially economic.

Others also said what they said were "disasters" committed by Sisi against Egypt and the Egyptians, which necessitated his departure or isolation by force, such as the abandonment of the islands of Tiran and Sanafir in favor of Saudi Arabia, and causing a threat to Egypt's water security through the signing of the agreement of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and the accumulation of domestic and foreign debts. Egypt's ability to pay it outweighs many years, as well as the societal division that Egypt has been experiencing for years.

Activists have invested in extensive interaction through the marking, to spread tips and warnings to protesters on how to protect themselves from detention, and how best to the success of the demonstrations.


- bader alkandari (@halloolialk) September 26, 2019

The revolution Jaih and the end of injustice brought

- Ahmed Al Masri (@ ahmadelmasray20) September 26, 2019

25 January McNech conspiracy January 25 was the will of the people # Ant_Anti_Yasisi

- Mohammed Ali (@mohammedaliegg) September 26, 2019

The head of the supervisory body reveals corruption ..thass
Members and heads of political parties
Political science professors speak in politics
Lawyers practicing their work in defense of the oppressed ..
لي مت يش انت انت انت انت انت

- fatma🍓 (@ frawlayh_toota3) September 26, 2019

I think a few artists who landed in the days of the January Revolution in the field of Mustafa Mahmoud Ashan support Mubarak Ahu history to sell himself and collect together and will come down on Friday to stand with Sisi

- Honey Black (@ officialmasry1) September 26, 2019

God willing, yes agent, the father of the Egyptian player Mohamed Salah is forced to confess from a paper written with all oppression and humiliation, to align with Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

- Medo_Ayman # (@ professionalTu2) September 26, 2019

Dan Margalit, a leading Zionist commentator: We will cry for generations if we allow Sisi to fall

#Anti_Hit_Yasisi #Install_Ant_Mash_Lohaddk

- Dr. Saleh Al Naami (@salehelnaami) September 26, 2019 / xlJo7Q9

- Tamim Al-Barghouti (@TamimBarghouti) September 26, 2019

Look at your back, Sissy
And tears instead of blood tears cry

- ahmed istanbul (@ ahmedistanbul65) September 26, 2019