At least two of the nine members of the defense committees of the republic (CDR) who were arrested on Monday for alleged crimes of rebellion, terrorism and possession of explosives - two were released and seven will be put to justice on Thursday - they have recognized before the Civil Guard to have bought and made tests for the manufacture of artifacts, as confirmed by Efe sources of the investigation.

Another of the detainees has presented, for his part, a habeas corpus to be put immediately to judicial disposition, according to sources consulted by Efe. As the Cadena Ser has advanced and Efe has confirmed, the detainees who have confessed have admitted their participation in the acquisition of various substances to produce mixtures with which to manufacture explosives, after being shown videos and graphic documents in which some of those arrested appear .

The detainees have also indicated that they had acquired "the commitment" to commit some action to "make noise" for the anniversary of the illegal 1-O referendum.

According to detailed research sources, in one of the videos captured by the Civil Guard and that they would have been shown, some of them appear testing the explosive substances in a quarry.

The two people who were released must appear before the National Court when the investigating judge Manuel García Castellón cites them for an alleged crime of terrorism.

The magistrate will interrogate early this Thursday seven of the detainees, who have remained in the Civil Guard units. In a note issued following the arrests, the Prosecutor's Office of the National Court explained that they are accused of finalizing terrorist actions, which were allegedly to be perpetrated with the material to manufacture homemade explosives that were intervened.

Those arrested had in their possession documents on inquiries made on Google, information and even plans on public buildings, including a Civil Guard barracks house.

The operation, which is under summary secrecy, is the result of an investigation of more than one year, during which time many telephone interventions have been carried out, according to legal sources, which specified that it was decided to start it before the "certainty" that terrorist actions were to be carried out between the anniversary of the holding of the Catalonia referendum on October 1, 2017 (1-O) and the publication of the procés sentence, scheduled for the first half of October.

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