"The animals have simply increased, and the frequency of accidents is also increasing," says Lars Fredin, county police officer at the National Wildcat Council, to SVT Gävleborg.

He continues:

- In ten years, there has been a significant increase in the wildlife accidents in the county and especially accidents involving deer. The deer account for 60-70 percent of the accidents.

Pay attention to wildlife on the roads

On average, more than one game accident occurs almost every 8 minutes in Sweden. To draw attention to this, the police and the National Wildlife Accident Council are currently organizing an emergency week. The purpose of the week is to make the road users more aware that wild animals are constantly on and along our roads.

- It is very important to remind people and it is now this time of year that the animals get started. This is the most dangerous time if you say so. Dawn and dusk, says Lars Fredin.

If the accident has occurred - alert the police

If you drive a wild animal, alert the police and mark the scene of the accident with a strip. Failure to report a wildlife accident is punishable and fined.