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Former US ambassador to Riyadh: Congress helps Saudi Arabia destabilize the region


Politico has published an article by former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia Robert Jordan saying that rushing to provide military support to Saudi Arabia because of attacks on Aramco's oil facilities would send the wrong signal to Saudi Arabia, whose behavior over the past years has damaged the international situation and threatened US national security.

Jordan called on Congress to suspend arms deals with Saudi Arabia and other forms of support, saying the dangers emanating from Saudi Arabia did not come from hardline citizens but from the Saudi leadership itself.

He said that among the many blatant acts committed by Saudi Arabia over the past few years, two of them have been entrenched in the minds of lawmakers and the American people, namely their disastrous involvement in the war in Yemen and the heinous assassination of the Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, accusing the Saudi crown prince of being behind all of that.

Jordan believes that the Trump administration should have long condemned Saudi violations in Yemen and the killing of Khashoggi, cut US military aid and other support, but instead stood by a reckless Saudi leader, failed to criticize even the most heinous Saudi violations, and expanded the The same arms sales that killed thousands of innocent civilians. "

The Trump administration has long had to condemn Saudi violations in Yemen, kill Khashoggi, cut US military aid and other support.

He said stopping US arms sales to Saudi Arabia at this juncture could help seize a short chance to end the war in Yemen, explaining to Saudi Arabia that it could not prevail militarily in its conflict with the Houthis, noting that ending the refueling of Saudi fighter jets by US aircraft helped persuade Riyadh supported a limited ceasefire in Yemen's main port for humanitarian assistance.

He said Congress now halting bomb sales could likewise motivate the Saudis to return to negotiations, before the escalation of the conflict makes peace elusive.

Jordan concludes that the risks are too high for Congress to yield to calls for sympathy for Saudi Arabia after this month's attacks, and that if it fails to act, US weapons will kill more innocent civilians in Yemen as the chance for peace diminishes, adding that impunity for Khashoggi's death will encourage tyrants in Worldwide, the war in Yemen will continue to empower terrorists and destabilize an already precarious region.

Source: aljazeera

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