Around half of Skånetrafiken's customers use the mobile app as a payment method. But Skånetrafiken believes that number will increase, especially when the Jojo card disappears.

- We want to simplify for our customers, you always carry your mobile - it is like having a ticket machine in your pocket. There will probably be some who do not have a card, but about half of the customers have already started using the app and many people probably see the benefits of it, says Camilla Bunke, sales manager at Skånetrafiken.

Mixed opinions

Stellan Hökfelt travels within Malmö and then uses his Jojo card. He thinks it's sad that the card will disappear:

- I heard it, and it sounds a little sad because then you get so attached to the phone. The jojo card is a way to drop the phone sometimes and it's nice, he says.

But not everyone agrees. Sahar Abdulrahman is also a traveler in Malmö and for her it does not matter that the Jojo card is removed.

- I still have it on the app, so it doesn't matter. But you can be worried that the battery life will end, so you need to buy a power bank, she says.

The discount disappears

The Jojo cards had a 10 percent discount, a discount that is now disappearing. Instead, the prices will be the same no matter how you choose to buy your ticket.

For those groups that are unable to use the telephone, a replacement card is offered and in December you will also be able to use their contactless payment card on Malmö's city buses.