On Tuesday, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise presents its ranking of the business climate in the country's 290 municipalities. It shows that it looks good for the municipalities in Jönköping County. All the county's municipalities are in the upper half.

- It is fun to see that all the county's municipalities are once again on the upper half of our ranking list of the country's 290 municipalities and that we as a whole are climbing more placements than we are losing, says Anna Gillek, regional manager of Swedish Enterprise in Jönköping County in a press release.

Of the six municipalities from the county that come at the bottom of the ranking, five are climbing while all five top municipalities are losing placements.

Sävsjö climber of the year

The municipality with the best business climate in the county, Gnosjö, loses a place to place 24. The climber of the year in Jönköping County is Sävsjö municipality which climbs 30 placements to place 81. Gislaved climbs 29 placements and ends up in place 128.

- I would like to say congratulations Gislaved, who after a few years ago worked hard to regain corporate confidence and also made a number of changes to improve service and contacts. This is evident even this year as you continue to steadily continue to climb in the rankings, says Anna Gillek.

Two-thirds of the Swedish Confederation's business rankings are based on survey responses from entrepreneurs. The last third consists of statistics on structural conditions for entrepreneurship in each municipality.

Solna has the best business climate in the country, followed by Höganäs and Staffanstorp.