According to the head of state, it is difficult to deny the weaknesses of US radar and defense systems that could not protect the plants of the state-owned company Saudi Aramco.

“In fact, the Yemenis have humiliated the United States,” Rouhani said on his website.

According to him, the grounds for accusing Iran of attacking the refinery are that other countries "simply do not want to admit that the Yemeni army has the military potential to launch missile and unmanned strikes."

Earlier, the leaders of the European trio in a joint communique said that Iran was behind the attack on the oil facilities of Saudi Arabia. According to them, "there is no other plausible explanation."

On September 14, in Saudi Arabia, drones attacked two refineries of the state-owned company Saudi Aramco. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Tehran of this attack.

According to a source in the Russian Ministry of Defense, the US air defense system missed dozens of drones and cruise missiles due to inconsistencies with the declared characteristics and low efficiency in combating small-sized air targets, despite the fact that 88 Patriot launchers “cover the northern border of Saudi Arabia and there are still more in the Persian Gulf three URO destroyers of the U.S. Navy equipped with the Aegis missile defense system.