President Trump Kim Chairman “may meet soon” September 24, 11:13

US President Trump, who is attending the United Nations General Assembly, said "may meet soon" about the possibility of a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the Korean Labor Party chairman. But the consultation of US-North Korea of ​​denuclearization, which is expected to be resumed in this month still, the prospect of holding does not stand.

US President Trump said at the United Nations headquarters about the fourth summit meeting with North Korea ’s chairman of the Korean Labor Party, North Korea, “It may happen soon” Showed expectations.

Regarding the US-North Korea denuclearization talks, the director of the US at the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs showed that it will resume within a few weeks in the talk on this month.

On the other hand, the United States urges an early resumption, and some experts are expecting a resumption in line with the United Nations General Assembly.

However, at the hotel in New York on the 23rd, a vegan special representative in charge of the North Korean issue appeared in the United States, but in response to the reporter's question, he said `` I will not speak anything '' .

Vegan Mr. will be expected to exchange opinions On North Korea situation and so representative of the countries concerned, but the prospect of talks resuming with North Korea is not still standing.