Mahmoud Seddik-Cairo

The professional plunge in which the close advisor of the Authority, Amr Adib, signed on Sunday evening, announced that he would host Mahmoud al-Sisi for the first time, before it became clear that it was just a similarity in names; Breaking the barrier of fear and disembarking in the 20 September demonstrations.

Interestingly, the PA camp talked about what happened as a trap set for the Muslim Brotherhood channels in reference to the media opposed to Sisi, although the fact of the matter is that the trap is a page or close to the authority, where it hastened to broadcast news celebrating what it called the first appearance of the son The president through the media, before it became clear that it is either a silly trick or a serious mistake.

In any case, the result that Amr Adib and his successors may not have meant was that talk about the president's son and the role he plays in running the country, and does that mean that he is considering inheriting power, has moved from the corridors of politics and opposition channels to the simple street man who started asking questions and putting Exclamation marks.

It is Mahmoud Abdel Fattah Sisi? How did he get to the post of deputy chief of intelligence? What is his role in politics?

Mahmoud is the eldest son of Abdel Fattah El Sisi.He graduated from the Military Academy.He married Noha El Tohamy, the daughter of former Pepsi Egypt president.Egyptians first heard his name from his father talking about his family in a television interview while running for president in 2014.

For all Egyptians, the first time they saw Mahmoud al-Sisi was during his father's inauguration in mid-2014, sitting behind his mother, Intisar, his brothers Mustafa and Hassan and their wives.

After that, the situation changed a lot for Sisi Jr., who jumped from the rank of major to the rank of brigadier general (three ranks in four years), to be promoted to the post of head of the technical office of the head of the intelligence service, and then to the agent of the agency, to become - as many believe - the second man after Major General Abbas Kamel, one of Sisi's father's closest associates, was the head of his office before suddenly jumping into the position of intelligence chief.

Mahmoud al-Sisi was the main reason for the overthrow of former intelligence chief Khaled Fawzi, after he presented his father with a report alleging a court plan on which Fawzi is working to get to Egypt's presidency, according to journalist Ahmed Abdin.

The first mention of the intervention of the eldest son of the President of the Republic in the political life was a hint from one of the officials of the Sisi campaign for the 2014 presidential elections, who referred to him as an important young man in the intelligence. , To make a list of "in love with Egypt" that succeeded in dominating parliament.

Sisi Jr. led daily meetings to coordinate the constitutional amendment plan and ensure his father remained in power until 2034, as well as other amendments giving the president broader powers, the New York Times quoted Mada Masr, one of the sites blocked by the Egyptian authorities in the country.

A former State Department official told The New York Times that Sisi 's son visited Washington at least once during the Barack Obama administration, accompanied by then intelligence chief Khaled Fawzi, to discuss with the administration about Egypt and relations between the two countries.

The murder of Regeni

The rights website "Reginelex" (a platform created by the Italian newspaper Espresso to highlight the killing of researcher Giulio Regeni in Cairo), the role of Egyptian intelligence and Mahmoud Sisi son in the case of the murder of the Italian researcher.

A few days ago, Egyptian political activist Wael Ghoneim accused the son of being behind the kidnapping of his brother Hazem after security forces raided the Wael family home in Cairo and confiscated her passports after Wael published videos attacking Sisi.

Serious charges

Sinai activist and intellectual Mas'ad Abu Fagr, who was a member of the Fiftieth Committee for the preparation of the 2014 constitution, made the most serious charges against the president's son, uncovering ongoing arms and drug smuggling to and from the Gaza Strip on behalf of Mahmoud al-Sisi and a group of his associates.

Abu Fagr added that terrorism in the Sinai was responsible for Sisi and his son since before the January 25 revolution, and that a brigade affiliated with the son of Sisi commissioned his affiliates to attack the Central Security Camp in the woods area north of Rafah.

Abu Fagr confirmed that all operations on the crossings and tunnels and the bombing of gas pipelines and the killing of thousands of Egyptian soldiers, was by Sisi and his son Mahmoud; in order to reach the rule of Egypt first and then confirm their rule to obtain the satisfaction of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he said.

Finally, it remains that former President Hosni Mubarak is gone when there is much talk about his sons Alaa and Gamal, especially the latter and what was said about his political ambitions.