One or more predators have during the weekend given up on a shocked sheep on Ammerön in Bräcke municipality. In the first stage, the county administrative board suspects that the wolf may be involved. But sampling has been done and answers to that are not expected until the end of this week.

Ran home and woke us up

Linda Milton lives with Martin Wood on the farm where it happened.

- We heard that several of the sheep came home running and it made us aware that something had happened in the pasture, says Linda. As we walked out, we discovered that two lambs and three ewe had been killed by a predator.

Awaiting trial response

Do you think it's a wolf?

- No, the county administrative board was here already on Sunday and took samples and tried to find traces. It can be anything from lynx or wolverine, but most of it still indicates that it is a dog. So it could be a hunting dog or most likely a wolf. But we do not want to say anything specific now before the county administrative board's response comes.