19 September 2018 "My children are now free". So the detainee who yesterday launched her two children on the stairs of the Rebibbia prison told her lawyer, Andrea Palmiero, what happened in the penitentiary's nursery. During the interview, which took place in the psychiatric ward of Pertini hospital where she has been struck since yesterday, the 33-year-old German, according to her defender, appeared aware of what she did. The newborn daughter died yesterday, the other son is clinically dead.

The prosecutor's office is looking for the child's father to authorize organ harvesting
After the conclusion of the brain death assessment procedure for the child injured yesterday by his mother detained in the Rebibbia prison, in Rome, the Public Prosecutor's Office launched an appeal to track down the child's father and obtain authorization from him to remove the organs.

The name of the man, Ehis E., Nigerian, appears on the document of the little Divine (born February 2, 2017), and on that of his little sister, Faith (born March 7, 2018) who died yesterday, after being thrown by her mother with his brother on the pavement of the prison.

The appeal of the magistrates is to anyone who can give useful information to find the man to inform him of the situation, and invite him to call the sanitary management of the Bambino Gesù hospital (06 68592424), or the carabinieri of the investigative nucleus of Via In Selci (06 48942931).

The heads of the women's section of the prison are suspended
Suspension for the director of the female district office of Rome-Rebibbia, Ida Del Grosso, for his deputy, Gabriella Pedote, and for the deputy commander of the Prison Police Department, Antonella Proietti. This is the decision taken by the Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede, following the events that took place yesterday in the Roman prison where a prisoner killed her daughter and seriously injured her other son. The measures were adopted by the head of the Department of Penitentiary Administration, Francesco Basentini. Furthermore, an inspection has been underway since yesterday by the Dap.