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Brazil's Amazon forest fire extension of fire fighting activities | NHK News


Brazilian President Borsonaro has extended the fire extinguishing period, which is specially performed by the military in the Amazon, where forest fires spread ...

Brazil Amazon Forest Fire Military firefighting extension September 24 11:35

Brazil's President Borsonaro has officially announced that it will extend the period of fire fighting that the military is doing specially in the Amazon, where forest fires spread. On the other hand, he is not involved in the discussion on the protection of Amazon held at the United Nations under the leadership of France, and is showing his stance to strengthen cooperation with President Trump of the United States who is skeptical about global warming.

In Brazil, where more than two-thirds of the world's largest rainforest Amazon is spread, the number of forest fires from the beginning to the last month has risen at a record pace, almost twice as much as the same period of the previous year. A forest fire has occurred.

For this reason, President Borzonaro of Brazil has dispatched 7,000 people including the military for a month from last month and has been conducting fire fighting activities, but has officially announced that the period will be extended for another month.

In the background of the sudden extension of the military dispatch, there seems to be an aim to dodge criticism against Brazil, especially in France, before attending the UN General Assembly.

On the other hand, it is a policy not to be involved in principle, although it intends to accept individual assistance with respect to the issue of Amazon protection discussed at the United Nations centered on France.

Concerning the protection of Amazon, President Borsonaro criticized French President Macron, who is debating without Brazil, as `` colonial and trying to use Amazon for its own political interests '', skeptical of global warming He is showing an attitude of strengthening cooperation with the American President Trump.

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