The polls outside the UAE witnessed yesterday the headquarters of embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions of the United Arab Emirates, which are scattered around the world, after receiving voters from members of electoral bodies who are abroad, who were keen to participate in voting for their candidates for membership in the Federal National Council.

The process of voting outside the country began according to the timetable of the elections of the Federal National Council on September 22, 2019, where it started from the city of Wellington in New Zealand to end in the city of Los Angeles, which witnessed the last voters to attend the polling stations outside the state, and closed the ballot boxes at six o'clock The local time of the city, where voting outside the country saw the participation of 1,842 voters in all polling stations.

The Minister of Health and Community Protection and Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs and Chairman of the National Election Commission Abdulrahman Al Owais: “We thank the ambassadors, consuls and heads of diplomatic missions of the UAE in all countries of the world, for the great role they have played to make the voting process successful outside the country, and the opening of electoral centers and provide the best Services that have enabled voters to participate in this national duty. ”

He pointed out that achieving success and upgrading the parliamentary work in the UAE requires the concerted efforts and work as a team, to contribute to enhancing political awareness and promote a culture of political participation of citizens, and activate their contribution to the processes of development in the UAE in all areas.

He pointed out that with the end of the voting process outside the country, the electoral process achieves a new achievement in its distinguished process of implementation of an electoral process that employs the highest technologies and tools to provide the highest standards of accuracy and transparency in the electoral process, thus enhancing the progress of the UAE in the field of political development Leadership will enable citizens to be more able to contribute effectively to the decision-making process.

He called on all members of the electoral bodies to participate in the early voting processes and today President, to be contributing to the arrival of competent members of the membership of the Federal National Council, and to contribute to activate the role of the Federal National Council in the service of citizens and the advancement of all sectors of society.

According to the timetable of the FNC elections 2019, early voting will start in nine main centers from 1 to 3 October 2019, while voting will start on the main day on 5 October 2019 in 39 electoral centers scattered in all emirates.