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Answers to frequently asked questions:
  • What is concussion?
  • What is damaged in the brain?
  • Can you get worse memory after a concussion?
  • How the Brain Stairs Work - Here you will find the brain stairs
  • Brain fatigue and burnout after concussion
  • Can you get symptoms long after the concussion?
  • Why is it so difficult to get help?
  • What can I expect from health care?
  • What is PCS / Postcommon Syndrome and Ephemeral?

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Thank you for your excellent educational programs. The quality of your program was increased several steps when Karin came in as a GP - clear, educational and knowledgeable.
Have listened to svtplay about concussion today. What I missed was concussion in older people.
I am a 76-year-old physiotherapist who got a concussion after falling on skates two years ago. Had memory loss 25 min after the fall. Was sent to Sunderby hospital, was admitted to the surgeon's clinic, was found to have very little subdural bleeding because I eat thrombus. Sent home after 1 day with message that it takes 3 days before I recovered. After a few days I felt worse, could barely walk 200 m. Then contacted my colleague Lars Lundgren at the Hermelinens medical center in Luleå, which collaborated with Yelverton Tegnér on, among other things, the concussion of hockey players. I received a professional assessment / help and follow-up of Lasse - just as optimally as you describe it to be done. Then realized that many elderly people who get concussions in connection with fall accidents are never judged if they received a concussion at all.
How many doctors at the health center think about concussion in the elderly? I would therefore like to suggest that you continue with the theme of concussion in the elderly. Invite Lasse who, apart from being a knowledgeable physiotherapist, is also a good teacher as Karin is.
Warm greetings to Susanne and Karin from a doctoral and pedagogically trained physiotherapist.