Questioned by Europe 1, Ludovic Jolivet, the mayor of Quimper, defends a police officer from his commune targeted by an administrative investigation after a boxing fight filmed on the mobile phone.


The video went viral this weekend. We see a national policeman from Quimper face a guy from one of the neighborhoods of the city, in a boxing match "à la loyale", with gloves and mouthguards ... all in uniform. The facts go back to Wednesday night, according to our colleague Le Telegram newspaper.

>> While an administrative inquiry was opened at the request of the prefect of Finistère, the mayor of the municipality takes the defense of the official on Europe 1:

"This policeman said 'no, I'm going to do my job'"

"I support him, because this agent is a very committed agent, victim of harassment," says Ludovic Jolivet (Act). According to Le Télégramme , the police officer reportedly responded to a challenge launched by the young man. "In many cities in France, the police sometimes do not go where there is mischief because it does not want to be stoned." The police officer, who was scorned, said No, I'm going to do my job, I'll come with my head up. "It's a way of speaking the language of these young people," says the city councilor.

"Young people from the neighborhood have come to greet him, to say respect." I ask for a leniency from the hierarchy, "continues Ludovic Jolivet, while the current investigation opens the way to sanctions, towards the policeman, decorated with the medal of bravery. He was well acquainted with his opponent of the day, since a cowboy and a policeman ... at one time were fired at the same boxing club in the city.