This is stated in a message published on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It is noted that the parties discussed a range of issues related to the preparation of Putin’s upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia in October, including a schedule of bilateral contacts between various ministries and departments.

Also during the meeting, key topics of the regional agenda were highlighted with an emphasis on the situation in Yemen and the Persian Gulf.

Earlier, the Arab coalition reported a military operation in northern Hodeida in Yemen.

On September 14, Saudi Aramco refineries in eastern Saudi Arabia were attacked by drones. The responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Hussite Yemeni rebels.

The Arab coalition fighting in Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia, accused Iran of attacking the kingdom's oil facilities. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also blamed Iran.

In turn, Iranian Defense Minister Amir Khatami denied allegations against Tehran of attacks on Saudi Aramco factories in Saudi Arabia.