Since the beginning of the morning the voting process in the elections of the Federal National Council 2019, where citizens flocked abroad to the polling stations in the UAE embassies around the world.

The State Embassy in New Zealand received the first citizen to vote in the elections, where it was the first electoral center to open its doors to voters, in accordance with world time differences, while the opening of polling stations in other countries respectively.

The ambassadors of the UAE opened the polling stations at the scheduled time at 8 am, and those who have the right to vote cast their votes.

The embassies of the State abroad confirmed the readiness of the electoral centers to receive citizens residing abroad, to vote in the elections of the Federal National Council, and to provide all facilities to proceed with the electoral process with ease.

She pointed to four main and mandatory guidelines, namely the need for voters to make sure that their names are on the electoral rolls before coming to the diplomatic mission, secondly to bring a valid Emirates ID card to be able to participate in the vote. Executive elections for the National Assembly 2019.

The UAE embassy in New Zealand has just announced the closure of the polling station, while the polling station in Los Angeles is set to be the last to close, according to world time differences.