• Fire in Sarno on Mount Saretto: evacuated homes and closed schools


22 September 2019 I identified six young people by the Carabinieri, including five minors, who could be the authors of the huge fire that broke out in the late afternoon of last Friday on Mount Saretto in Sarno, near Salerno. The individual positions of the suspects are being examined by public prosecutor Angelo Frattini of Salerno and the deputy prosecutor Anna Chiara Fasano of the prosecutor's office of Nocera Inferiore.

"The elements gathered at present, deriving from technical surveys carried out in the area, seizure of things pertinent to the crime and information assumption, constitute a significant circumstantial framework with regard to the actual involvement of the aforementioned group of young people in the origin of the fire", reports a note from the provincial command of the Weapon. The investigators are at work to determine what the motive may have been and to verify, in detail, who actually participated in the incendiary action, between those who acted and who, if anything, was only present. The investigation is conducted by the Carabinieri of the Territorial Department of Nocera Inferiore supported by the forest police.