Voters in the elections of the National Council of the "Emirates Today" explained that the election programs of the candidates are the ones who judge the candidate and who will vote for him, there is no place for emotion in the voting process, and they will rationalize the choice of the candidate according to his electoral program, without taking into account whether the candidate was a man Or a woman, the most important, according to his experience and competence, will be better in reaching the National Council and its ability to communicate the voice of the citizen to those responsible for decision-making.

In detail, the citizen Abdullah al-Shehhi pointed out that there is no difference between the candidates for the elections of the National Council, and the candidate will be selected based on the seriousness, credibility and realism of his electoral program, without regard to the fact that the program is a woman or a man, while citizen Hamad al-Zaabi said that the distinction between the candidates on the basis of man and woman He has no place, because of the high voter awareness of the UAE on the election programs of the candidates, pointing out that they will vote for the most convincing and addressing the issues of the nation and the citizen.

Obaid Al-Dhouhouri pointed out that the candidate's electoral program determines the nature of the voters who will vote for him, as the candidate must have a curriculum vitae in the service of the country in various fields, and submit a program that is commensurate with the vision and directions of the state, and concerns the issues of citizens.

For her part, said the candidate for the Federal National Council elections for the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, Maitha Jassim Al Ali: «If I am among the voters lists I will not vote for any candidate before I know his electoral program», pointing out that the candidate must have qualities for his election, Whether it is a man or a woman, such as to have a footprint in the service of the country, and to clarify in his program the experiences, work and services he provided to the country and to the citizen.

She explained that the voter of the UAE has enough awareness to qualify to distinguish between the electoral programs, without women vote for women or men for men, because of the multiplicity of men and women candidates, and their election programs that address issues of concern to citizens.

Candidate Mahir Ali Hwishel Al Khatri, from the Emirate of Sharjah, pointed out that the Emirati voter will vote for the electoral program of the candidate, not the person of the candidate or the kinship, noting that the Emirati voter is aware of the evaluation of the candidate for the elections and studying his program, and that the candidate will represent the voter in the National Council. The candidate is very important for the voter, without considering the gender of the candidate, and pointed out that there are no differences between the candidates, everyone is equal to the voter, and what concerns him is the axes and issues presented in his program, to convince the voter to vote for him.

479 candidates

The number of candidates for the Federal National Council elections in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is 125, 86 in Dubai and 109 in Sharjah. The Emirate of Umm Al Quwain has 19 female candidates, 26 in Ajman, 61 in Ras Al Khaimah and 53 in Fujairah.

• Increased awareness of the UAE voters about the candidates' electoral programs.