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In front of the headquarters of the vice presidency in Caracas on 21 September 2019. Matias Delacroix / AFP

In Venezuela, supporters of President Nicolas Maduro met on Saturday (September 21st) in the streets of Caracas for an anti-imperialist demonstration. Despite growing international pressure, including through American sanctions, the Venezuelan president seems to have taken over against the opposition led by Juan Guaidó. Nicolas Maduro has also signed this week an agreement with minority parties of the opposition, much to the chagrin of his rival who appears more than ever weakened.

With our correspondent in Caracas, Benjamin Delille

The music is in full swing on Universidad Avenue. In front of the stage, a crowd in red shirts waves flags that read "No More Trump". The protesters are preparing to join the Casa Amarilla, headquarters of the Minister of Foreign Affairs who is preparing to fly to the UN General Assembly.

" We are going to hand him our 13 million signatures against Donald Trump's deadly policy against our people, " said Orlando, 72. Orlando welcomes this week's agreement with a minority in the opposition: " Anything that can help defeat North American politics is welcome. And also undo the fascist politics of a sector of the Venezuelan opposition. Those who refuse to talk sincerely, it is them. On the one hand they talk and on the other they plant a knife in the back. "

He refers to Juan Guaidó , opposed to this agreement, who announced a week ago the failure of negotiations, because the government refuses, according to him, to call a new presidential election.

But for Maximo, a revolutionary from Peru, it's a false excuse. " We could call a presidential election, he says. And I am convinced that the Bolivarian revolution would come out victorious. Because the opposition is torn apart: they have no more leadership, no more people, no more demonstrations, nothing. They are lost. "

In the meantime, the United States has reiterated its support for Juan Guaidó, and there is no reason to expect sanctions to be lifted, quite the contrary.

And at the same time, a rally convened by the opposition had to be canceled because of the intervention of colectivos, groups of armed civilians close to the government.