US Aegis cruiser passing through the Taiwan Strait, China, or September 21, 13:32

We found that the US Navy's Aegis cruiser passed the Taiwan Strait on the 20th. The US Navy ships are going through the Taiwan Strait at a fixed pace in the past, and it seems that there is an aim to continue the tense to China.

Taiwan's Defense Department announced on the 20th that a US Navy ship passed through the Taiwan Strait from north to south.

The US Navy's 7th Fleet revealed to NHK that it was the Aegis cruiser "Anti Tam" that passed, and said, "The United States shows a commitment to the free and open Indo-Pacific." "

The US Navy ships have passed through the Taiwan Strait almost at a fixed pace since the beginning, and this is the eighth time. This is at a faster pace than last year, and the Trump administration seems to have the aim of continuing the tense system in China that puts pressure on Taiwan.

In early this month, the Taiwan Strait also passed Canadian naval vessels on the way from Korea to Thailand, and there is a movement to cooperate with the United States.

Regarding Taiwan, this week, the Solomon Islands and Kiribati in the South Pacific decided to sever diplomatic relations and establish diplomatic relations with China. The

In the future, it is expected that the movement of the United States to control China will become even stronger.