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The Tinder Dating App will broadcast an interactive video series where each of its users can be the hero in making decisions for the next story that will also influence his or her own love story.

From October 6th, Tinder's US members will have access to an episode of "Swipe Night" every Sunday evening, which tells an apocalyptic adventure, according to a statement released Friday.

"As the story unfolds, you will face moral dilemmas and crucial choices, with only 7 seconds to decide, no turning back," says Tinder.

In the same way that users looking for meetings are "swipe" on one side or the other of the screen of their smartphone the profiles of other members they would like to meet or not, In this series, they will have to make swipes to decide which turn the episode will take, such as running away or saving other characters, for example.

The concept is not new, neither in literature nor video series, but in the case of Tinder, user decisions will be displayed on their profile after the episode, and the application will have additional information to suggest people who might interest them.

"Their choices dictate more than just history, they also influence their potential compatibility with others," says Tinder.

Assuming that interactivity and content keep users' attention longer, essential to their business model, many social media platforms and networks increasingly rely on formats that mix entertainment and response.

This week, Facebook has generalized the possibility for advertisers to integrate elements of interaction into their ads, such as polls, games or augmented reality to see if this color lipstick befits the complexion of the surfer concerned, for example.

But this is the first time that Tinder ventures into producing original content. The series was shot in a vertical format with actors Angela Wong Carbon, Jordan Christian Hearn and Shea Gabor.

Match Group, the owner of online dating services Meetic and Tinder, intends to address especially young people aged 18 to 25, the generation that has not known the world without the Internet, called "Generation Z".

"We know that Generation Z expresses itself with content, so we wanted to build an experience that fits the way it interacts," said Ravi Mehta, product manager at Tinder.

By 2018 the application had 57 million users worldwide, according to the Business of Apps website.

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