President Putin Visiting China for military exercises Western system or September 21 13:48

Russian President Vladimir Putin observed a large-scale military exercise involving China, which strengthens military cooperation, and India and other countries in Central Asia. There seems to be an aim to control the conflicting United States and NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The Russian army has been conducting large-scale military exercises jointly with China, India, and seven other countries in Central Asia since 16th of this month in southern Orenburg, and President Putin visited for inspection on the 20th.

In the exercise, more than 20,000 military vehicles and the latest weapons were introduced, and according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, short-range ballistic missiles deployed in areas adjacent to NATO, such as Poland, which is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, It means that the “Iskander M” launch exercises were also conducted.

On the other hand, a meeting was held between the defense minister of Russia Shoig and the defense minister of China. Both sides confirmed the policy of formulating a plan for military cooperation from next year and emphasized cooperation.

The Russian Ministry of Defense says that this exercise is not "specific to the country", but Russia will lead the conflicting US and NATO by leading the exercises between China and other countries. There seems to be an aim to control.