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The organic spokeswoman for Más Madrid, Marta Higueras, has assured that this Sunday the party will meet with the bases to discuss whether they attend the general elections, where they will also open the debate on whether or not the spokesperson for More Madrid is presented as a candidate in the Assembly of Madrid, Íñigo Errejón.

"It is an encounter with the bases and there is that debate and we will open it there and depending on that result we will say something," Higueras said in statements to journalists after attending GayDay. On whether Errejón will attend this meeting, Higueras has assured that he does not know if it will be there or not but that the debate will open it with the bases "to see" what they will do.

"I think we have to wait, we are seeing, we will see. If Manuela (Carmena) has already said that it will not be presented, now because Íñigo (Errejón) will have to assess that possibility," Higueras said yesterday. In addition, he guaranteed that former governor Manuela Carmena "will support Íñigo (Errejón) if he decides to appear." "He will have all the support," he said.

The parliamentary spokesman of More Madrid would be the head of the list for Madrid to the general elections if he finally decides to stand with a "strong" team and partners in other territories, with the main objective of achieving a parliamentary group in Congress, as indicated by Europa Press sources next to the Madrid politician.

In Más Madrid they also discuss the lack of leadership of the party in the region that would lead to the future march of its spokesperson in the Assembly, and more if it takes the media spokeswoman at the Madrid City Council. "Íñigo is not comfortable in Madrid, because in the end they only call him to talk about the ponzoña of Madrid politics and the imputations of the Popular Party, and not about proposals for progress. If a progressive government had been formed, we would not be speaking now of his candidacy for generals ", these sources indicate.

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