Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center, in cooperation with the Emirates Foundation, an independent national institution working in partnership with the public and private sectors, to establish social responsibility and raise the competencies of young people, events «Tomouh Zayed», which provides an opportunity for school students, universities and the public, to participate in live meetings via video Or radio waves, with the first Emirati astronaut, Hazza Al Mansouri, from the headquarters of the center, in addition to follow-up and launch operations.

The Director General of the Center, Yousef Hamad Al-Shaibani, said that the organization of «Tomouh Zayed» events to transfer aspects of the mission of the first manned flight to the UAE space, and the opportunity for students and the public to interact with the first Emirati astronaut, will contribute significantly to motivate students and interested to study space science To contribute to the development of this vital sector.

He added: "We are keen to involve all segments of society in the UAE, especially young people, in the mission of Mansouri to the International Space Station, to benefit from the experiences that will be conveyed to us from the station and scientific experiments on board," stressing that today's youth is a strategic partner in the future of the space sector And that investment in future generations is a win-win.

Emirates Foundation Chief Executive Officer Ahmed Taleb Al Shamsi said that the follow-up of Al Mansouri's journey to the International Space Station will encourage more of them to engage in various space areas, in line with the National Space Strategy 2030, which aims to support the realization of the UAE vision in the space industry. , Various science and techniques, applications and services.

He added that «the moment the first astronaut emirates to the International Space Station, is a moment of historical pride that must be seen and celebrated by our young people, and we are proud to have this opportunity to them from the center of the center, and ask questions that raise their curiosity about space».

The event will include a live broadcast on Wednesday of Hazza Al Mansouri's launch to the International Space Station from 4:30 pm, while the first live video conference will take place on Friday at 12:30 pm, where students and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. Mansouri while aboard the International Space Station.

A radio answering session will be held on Saturday, starting at 2:00 pm, while an event will be held at 1:30 pm on Sunday, including a live video conference with Mansouri from the International Space Station.

On September 30, at 11:30 am, an event will be held to showcase a robotic camera designed by the Japanese Space Exploration Agency (JAXA). Students at JAXA's ground station will be asked to give orders to the robotic camera.

On the 1st of October, at 3:00 pm, there will be an event including a video broadcasting session.

Salem Al Marri, Director of the Program, said that the inclusion of students in this historic event is one of the important ways to advance the culture of determination, perseverance and ambition of the younger generations, and praised the efforts of the Emirates Foundation to encourage young people to innovate and innovate and spread science and knowledge.

Al-Marri added that for the first time in the Arab region, an astronaut from the International Space Station will communicate with an audience from the region, in Arabic, to present details about the station, in addition to explaining the scientific experiments he will do there, which will contribute to enrich the Arabic content with scientific and knowledge materials about space, Students are encouraged to move towards space science to study them.