21 September 2019 "In Italy the government separated from the people," said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, speaking at the Fratelli d'Italia Atreju demonstration in Rome. "A new leftist offensive is taking hold. New leaders or old executives arrive, like Renzi or Gentiloni, but they have understood nothing. Everywhere the left brings in migrants and increases taxes. They have learned nothing from the mistakes of the past".

Viktor Orban represents "the model of a possible and different Europe", said Giorgia Meloni, introducing the intervention of the Hungarian premier at the party of Atreju. "Orban is a patriot like us - he added - a person who is not afraid to defend the European identity, which is not afraid to denounce the Islamization of Europe". "We look at Hungary as the model of a possible and different Europe - concluded Meloni - to which we also want to contribute".

"The left does nothing but import voters when it opens to migrants. They will end up giving up their citizenship and they will never accept our Christian base. If they increase it will become difficult to maintain the Christian majority in Europe. The right has started a counter-attack. the right thing to do is to bring aid there, not the trouble here, "said the Hungarian prime minister.

"Hungary is ready to help Italy but we cannot let migrants in, let's say no to the redistribution quotas. But we are ready to help Italy in defending the borders and repatriating to the countries of origin", says Orban , talking at a distance with the words of the premier count of this morning. "however - he adds - we are waiting for Italy to come back to us in our club".