• Sarno: 20 years ago the flood. Mattarella "tragedy favored by neglect"


21 September 2019A night of fear in Sarno, in the province of Salerno, where a vast fire struck large areas of Mount Saretto. Many citizens have been evacuated and the schools will remain closed. The Mayor, Giuseppe Canfora, and the councilors have asked for the intervention of the army to then entrust to Facebook the vent for the tragedy that struck the area: "Sarno, we don't know how to defend you anymore". The causes are still unknown but the malicious track is not excluded. To help the population, a first reception center was set up, with basic necessities, in the Baccelli school. Many refugees have found shelter inside. Those that have remained inside their homes have closed the windows, lowered the blinds, and avoided flooding the rescue, freeing roads and escape routes. Interventions and solidarity of an entire region. "Helicopters will carry out the extinguishing operations initiated by men and women who risked their lives this evening for us and for our community," the Mayor said.

The Director General of Civil Protection of the Campania Region is in close contact with the Regional Operations Room and the Soru executive is on site. Civil protection volunteers arrived from all over Campania to Sarno to contribute with the fire brigade to extinguishing the fire of very large proportions which has now involved the village. Associations activated by the Regional Operations Room arrived from Cercola, Massa di Somma, Palma Campania, Pollena Trocchia, Somma Vesuviana, Gragnano, Siano, Pellezzano, Castellammare, Mercato San Severino.

Also on Facebook came the thanks of the Mayor: "Thanks to the Carabinieri, the State Police, the Red Cross, the Fire Brigade, the Environmental Guards, the Forest Guards, the Civil Protection, the Traffic Police, the Province, the technicians municipal, to the many volunteers. Thanks to the many mayors and administrators for their certificates of solidarity and help. And thanks to the media. The miracle is taking place, despite the strong wind ".