CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptian authorities pushed security reinforcements in Cairo on Saturday after a day of unprecedented demonstrations demanding the departure of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Amid cautious calm, Egyptian security forces deployed today in the vicinity of Tahrir Square (central Cairo), after the field on Friday witnessed demonstrations against Sisi for the first time since 2013.

More than two dozen security forces were deployed on the outskirts of the square, and every person there was searched, according to an AFP correspondent.

In the meantime, the security services launched a campaign of arrests, and said the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms (non-governmental in Egypt) that eight cases were monitored in Mansoura and twenty in the city of Mahalla (Nile Delta / North), and 16 in the capital Cairo and Alexandria (North), amid unconfirmed conversations For arrests involving other cities.

Meanwhile, Egyptian human rights activist Mohamed al-Baqer said in a Facebook post on Saturday that the numbers of detainees inside al-Salam camp and al-Jabal al-Ahmar camp are very large, some of them were sorted at dawn today and released, and the rest were not disposed of.

In turn, the Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms said on its Facebook page that it monitored abuses by security forces by arresting dozens of Egyptians in the vicinity of Tahrir Square, Damanhour, Damietta, Shubra al-Khaimah, Alexandria and Gharbia, as well as beating and insulting some peaceful protesters.

According to the coordination, the number of detainees in the Department of Azbakia to 102 citizens, and the number of detainees Alexandria to 151 men and women held in the Directorate of Security.

Security sources told Agence France Presse that at least 74 people were arrested on Friday night when police patrols in plainclothes patrolled the streets in the center of the Egyptian capital.

Human Rights Watch called on the Egyptian authorities to guarantee the right of citizens to peaceful protest.

From demonstrations yesterday in Cairo demanding the departure of Sisi (Reuters)

Al-Jazeera Net correspondent Mohammed Saif Al-Din said that a limited demonstration started this afternoon in the northern city of Port Said, during which the demonstrators chanted as they passed through Thalathini Street (one of the main streets in Port Said).

Meanwhile, Al-Arbaeen Square in Suez Governorate (northeast) turned into a military barracks after security forces closed it to pedestrians in anticipation of any demonstrations, such as what happened yesterday, witnesses confirmed.

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Yesterday, several demonstrations took place in the governorates of Alexandria, Suez, Gharbia, Sharkia, Dakahlia, Damietta, Marsa Matrouh and Beni Suef, as well as Tahrir Square, the icon of the January 25 revolution.

In Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain, the Egyptian community organized a pause in support of the protests that came out last night in a number of Egyptian cities demanding the departure of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.

The demonstrations come in response to a call by Egyptian businessman and actor Mohamed Ali, who has worked as a contractor with the Egyptian army for several years, before he finally began broadcasting videos revealing the corruption of President Sisi, his wife and a number of army leaders, as well as wasting public money in the construction of presidential palaces pointless Of which.