Twitter has launched a new function that allows users to hide spam replies to their tweets within a discussion, but not delete them.

After testing the new job in Canada, the company began its experience in the United States and Japan, a step towards expanding its application to all users around the world.

How does the Hide Replies function work?
There are currently tools to control the flow of tweets, where it is possible to block accounts as well as certain words, but now everyone who posts a tweet will have the ability to "control" the next discussion about it, and hide the responses that do not like.

The user has to click the usual button in the upper right corner of the post and will open, as it is currently, a window displaying several options. In addition to "block", "mute the discussion" and "report" will also show "Hide replies", A hidden response will not appear in replies to the original tweet.

Twitter says it has agreed to this latest change to allow users to "have more control over their experience" and to avoid being a censor scissor, the company will not delete spam responses altogether. , And those responses will appear to everyone who clicks this icon.

So what is the point of this job?
"We want to understand how conversations change if the person who started the discussion can hide the responses," she says.

"Based on research and surveys we conducted during the initial test in Canada, we have observed many positive trends," she says.

According to the company, "in fact, the job does not seem to silence the discussion of the ideas of the opposition, but users tend to hide the responses that they consider irrelevant, abusive or incomprehensible."

The new effort is in line with Twitter's recent solutions, all aimed at "cleaning up" conversations and making them healthier.

The company has stepped up controls to intervene in case of malicious content and fake accounts even if, by the admission of Twitter, much remains to be done.