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Donald Trump at the White House on September 5, 2019. © REUTERS / Joshua Roberts

A mysterious exchange between Donald Trump and a senior foreign leader is at the heart of a new clash between Congress and the US executive. A senior US intelligence official was called to testify Thursday before the intelligence committee of the House of Representatives. He was summoned about an official report made within his services by a whistleblower, worried about the president's attitude. But the audition has stopped short ...

With our correspondent in Washington , Anne Corpet

The whistleblower, a member of the intelligence services, warned his superiors last August: he considered disturbing a promise that Donald Trump would have made during a conversation with a foreign leader. The complaint was considered serious enough for the Inspector General of Services to call it urgent. A classification which normally requires that it be communicated to the Congress.

But the director of intelligence objected. Summoned by the Intelligence Committee, the inspector could say nothing, muzzled by the Ministry of Justice. " We know that the Justice Department was involved in the decision not to inform Congress. We do not know if the White House is also involved in this desire not to inform the Congress. We do not know the content of the complaint. But what I do know is that if it is possible to stifle such a complaint or hide it in Congress, then this system is in shambles, "said Adam Schiff, Democratic Representative and Chairman of the Commission.

" Can we be stupid enough to believe that I would say something regrettable to a foreign leader? Asked Donald Trump on Twitter before denouncing a presidential harassment. According to the New York Times , this is not actually a conversation, but several incidents that worried the intelligence services.

.... Knowing all of this, is anybody dumb enough to believe that I would only do what is right anyway, and only do good for the USA!

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 19, 2019