Mr. Yasuzumi, chairman of the opposition three-party country, chairman, communication with the ruling party on September 20, 14:39

The Constitutive Democratic Party Azumi and former finance minister, who has served as the chairman of the National Assembly, is a denomination of the House of Representatives where the three opposition parties join together. I expressed my aspirations.

On the 19th, Azumi and former finance minister joined the Constitutional Democratic Party and became chairman of the party's parliament.

On the 20th, Mr. Yasumi went to each party in the Diet and gave a greeting.

After that, Mr. Yasuzumi told reporters, “The members who came from different parties have become one denomination, so we want to arrange teamwork properly and collide with the huge ruling party.” It was.

Also, regarding the response to the extraordinary session of the Diet that will be convened on the 4th of next month, “The operation of the Diet is important. I would like to hold discussions. "